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We mainly focus on buying, selling and assembling original seats for various types and brands of commercial vehicles. In addition, we also have put our focus on other facets of the interior of these vehicles. Meaning, that you can contact us for the following products:


Our service

Quality and service are our top priority. This is best reflected in our service, which consists of the following:


At Boomkamp Trading we only work with original and qualitative parts. We offer both new and slightly used seats for your company car. For the latter, we always perform a full inspection to determine the condition of the seats that are brought in. If these do not meet our quality requirements, they will be repaired first if possible or simply not included in our offer.

Large inventory

We have a large in house warehouse in which we can store a large number of approximately 1000 single- double and triple seats. That is why in most cases you do not need to keep up with long delivery times and we can offer you a faster service than many of our competitors.

Fast delivery

At Boomkamp Trading we guarantee fast delivery (if the products are available in our stock). In addition, we deliver to more than eight countries all over the world. Our large in house inventory once again, plays a major role here. However, if we do not have the desired product in stock, we will of course do everything we can to ensure that it will get to you as soon as possible.


In addition to buying and selling seats, you can also contact us for the assembly of thus products. Our team will be at your service to professionally install the desired part in your vehicle. Prefer to get started yourself? That of course, is no problem either!

Provision of information

Questions are completely free and therefore don’t cost money at all. So please feel free to contact us at any time (without obligation) if you have any questions about products or services. Our customers are our main focus and we are always here to help.


Supplier of original seats for most commercial vehicles

We offer a wide range of seats for commercial vehicles. So you can not only choose from different designs and types of upholstery, but of course also different brands.

Original single- double and triple for commercial vehicles
Original seats for commercial vehicles


Supplier of original seats for most commercial vehicles

In addition to single seats for commercial cars, you can, of course, also contact us for double and triple seats for such said vehicles. As with the seats, you can again choose from various designs, as well as different types of upholstery and brands.



In addition to various types seats, we also offer other interior parts for your company car.

Therefore in March 2016 we decided to start Dutch Automotive Parts. A company which we set up in collaboration with JT Autobekleding & Stoffering.

One of the products that Dutch Automotive Parts offers and which you can also obtain at Boomkamp Trading are universal armrests.

Fitted car cover


Fitted covers for commercial vehicles

You can also contact us for fitting car seat covers, again in collaboration with Dutch Automotive Parts. Ideal for protecting the original upholstery of your commercial vehicle, these seat covers are made of high quality black fabric or imitation leather making them robust, yet comfortable

Need an original seat for your company vehicle?


In verband met de kerstvakantie zijn wij gesloten van maandag 27 december tot maandag 3 januari!


In verband met de kerstvakantie zijn wij gesloten van maandag 27 december t/m maandag 3 januari!