Boomkamp Trading

Our method
for the best quality



At Boomkamp Trading we always work according to a fixed method. This is as follows:

After the seats* have been brought in, they will be checked for damage and defects such as:

  • Damage to the upholstery (e.g. cigarette burns, scuff marks, etc.)
  • Damage to the foam parts of the seating area or the back part
  • Technical defects on the frame, adjustment options and side covers

If we discover any damage, one of our employees will, if possible, immediately take care of it and will repair or replace the damaged part.

We do this also in association with JT Autobekleding.

In case the seats are very dirty, they will get a thorough cleaning as well.

Whenever the seats are fully approved they are stored in our warehouse or, if a buyer has already offered, sold. In the latter case, we offer different ways of handling. For example, you can choose to pick up your order yourself at our location in Almelo, but we can also send the products to you as a package. We also offer the possibility to install the products you ordered in the desired vehicle.

* We only buy new or recently used seats!