Boomkamp-Trading - Single- double & triple seats for commercial vehicles

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The specialist for years in the sale and assembly of seats for commercial vehicles

After working for several years as a holiday and weekend employee at Potijk Bekleding & Acoustics B.V. in Almelo, this job quickly grew out to be a full-time full-time position.

During the following years however, it quickly became clear that there was an increasing demand for vehicle interiors from car dealers, conversion companies, importers, motorhome builders and other companies, both domestically and abroad.

Though, it also turned out that there weren’t many companies that could answer the question of these companies. A growing problem that had to change. Long story short: this is how Boomkamp Trading was created in October 2009.

Ever since that time we have been able to help a big variety of customers with new or recently used seats for their company cars.

Which started out with only a few brands and makes to choose from, today we are able to offer over 10 different types of brands and even more types and makes. Besides we also have our own warehouse where we stock an average of 1000 seats and we deliver to more than eight countries.

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